On October 10, 2012 by Lauren Biegler

How do I put this lightly…Yotel is one of the oddest places I have been to in New York City…and not because it is trying to be odd, it is just creepy. First off, when you walk into the hotel there are fluorescent purple lights that set a euro-club vibe throughout the lobby. On top of the creepy purple haze pervading the entrance, all of the furniture is Ikea white and massive. The check-in desk and chairs are all weird modern shapes, like triangles and round balls, and nothing is practical or makes any sense at all. 

The vibe is further enhanced by a plethora of sketchy leather-jacket-clad foreigners skulking in corners and blowing kisses your way. Um, no thanks. 

I attended Yotel for a Press event, so we did not have to wait too long in the the lobby. We were promptly ushered into the techno-blaring elevators to the “Mission Control” event room. Like the lobby, this room was unpleasant purple with unpractical furniture all over, with the added bonus of beaded door curtains. The main attraction, the rooftop, is the best part of the venue and it is still creepy. In true Yotel style, the purple haze makes it’s way out to the deck and creates a feeling of ominous foreboding at night, accentuated by large buildings hanging over your head and AXE wearing Italians lurking in dark corners. 

Perhaps the only thing that could make Yotel worse is that it is located on 10th and 42nd and feels totally abandoned when you walk out. This area of warehouse style buildings is ideal for hotels, but something about the amount of sketch-ball creepers inside Yotel and the overall eeriness of the entire hotel make leaving onto a sprawling, dimly lit street a begrudging task. 

Of all the places I would not want to sleep, Yotel is number 1 on my list. 



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