On October 5, 2012 by Lauren Biegler

Last night, I check out an interesting “concept bar” called Exchange Bar and Grill. The bar is a fully automated real time drink market, where the prices for your drinks fluctuate depending on supply and demand. Like the actual New York Stock Exchange, the prices of drinks rise and fall all night depending on how many drinks of a particular kind are being ordered. The computer system is linked to an algorithm that calculates the cost of drinks so the prices are changing in real time. The bar has a real time “zipper” display banner (like the news banner in Times Square) that displays the costs of the drinks and their price changes. 

The bartender told me that large groups of people come into the bar and “flood” the market by ordering a large amount of a well-vodka drinks so that the price for the cheap liquor will rise and the top shelf  liquor will plummet. The group will “leverage the market” and order the better drink for a much lower cost. Once a night, the market will “crash” and all beers are sold at $2 and all drinks for $3, top shelf for $4.  It is a fun concept, and would be a fun place to go with a group. The bar is nothing too special…a Sports Bar with a twist. 

Exchange Bar and Grill

(646) 596-9039 

256 3rd Ave #1, NY NY


3 Stars


*Thanks Kiril for the recommendation 

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