On October 2, 2012 by Lauren Biegler

Well if this isn’t “List-worthy” then I don’t know what is. This weekend, I completed my first move in New York City  from the Upper East Side to Alphabet City in the East Village.

For those of you who do not view this as an accomplishment, you don’t live in New York City. For those of you who do, I thank you and I respect you, my fellow New Yorkers.

Our move went horribly astray and nothing to the plan, as can only be expected in this City we share. Here is how it went down: our lease ended October 1st and we were told we had to be out by October 1st by 11AM. After calling our landlord and clarifying that we could stay the night on September 30th, and move out on the morning of the 1st, we set everything up to be out of the Upper East Side by 9AM and into the Lower East Village by 1PM.

So, we began packing on Saturday, drinking a few beers and taking our time…that’s when we got the call. Our landlord casually dialed us up to check in and clarify we had to be out by noon on Sunday.

No, no that is not what you said yesterday?

Landlord: “Well, you must have talked to someone else yesterday”

Us: “Pretty sure it was you.”

Landlord: “Nope, noon tomorrow, and for every extra hour that you are in the apartment past noon you will incur a $100 fee, per hour.”

Us: “You are the devil.”

So, new plan. Call movers, see if they can come at noon, they can only come at 5PM and hold our things until 8Am the next morning for a slight fee. Fine, whatever, don’t have a choice. Sunday comes around,  we are prepping for the move, and knock-knock, movers show up at noon, five hours early. We take turns loading the truck, and packing the rest of our scattered belongings and by some miracle get everything out by 4PM.

Sunday night, we were all homeless and found respective places to sleep while we waited for the next apartment to be ready. Sunday night we had to get in touch with our landlord to confirm we could move in that early, and of course this also went astray. After 5 tries with no answer, we finally got ahold of Tony, our new landlord.

Tony: “Oh hey girls, you need to move in Monday morning?”

Us: “Yes. Will the new tenants be out and the apartment clean?”

Tony: “I dunno, hard to say. Sometimes they clean, sometimes the don’t.”

Us: “Tony, I would appreciate a litttttttle less ambiguity about this, seeing as it happens tomorrow. Will the apartment be ready for us tomorrow morning, or do we need to make other arrangements?”

Tony:  “Probably yes, probably no.”

So, what you are saying is, its a 50/50 chance? I’ll take those odds. 

Monday morning we decide to move in at 8AM and take our chances. My roomate and I show up (the other two had to work) and greet our new mover friends and walk into the apartment with baited breath.

Not too bad.

Empty, with a few mothballs, some questionable stains…some serious scrapes on the wall, a few random objects, but empty. We give the movers a go ahead, and get started. Halfway through this process, in strolls Tony.

Oh, hey Tony.

Tony casually greets us, with a look of mild shock that the apartment was in fact clean and empty. We then asked him if we could expect cleaners, and possibly a new paint touch up, to which he informed us his “friend” would be coming by. He dials up his “friend” and literally says, “yo homie, the new tenants are here you have to paint! Get over here.”  Tony then hangs up, and lets us know Alanzo will be over in 30 minutes to start painting, around the movers.

Needless to say it was mess. Alanzo basically brought a toothbrush and rubbed paint against any black scrape that was on the wall. We eventually just asked him to leave the paint so that we could do it. We spent the rest of the day cleaning, mopping and painting, but we did it.

We OFFICIALLY moved from:

The Upper East Side: 

….to the…

East Village:

Still a mess, but at least the hard part is over.

We used DUMBO MOVERS and they are absolutely amazing and totally affordable.


(718) 222-8282

10 Jay Street, Suite 202, Brooklyn NY, 11201



After our move was finished, with our new Dumbo friend!

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