Ninja New York

On September 7, 2012 by Lauren Biegler

Crossed off a list must-do: Nina New York.

Ninja is a restaurant  located in Tribeca that has been converted into a time-honored Japanese Ninja village where the meals are served by Ninjas. 

Located on 25 Hudson Street, the entrance to the restaurant blends into the Financial District exterior and is a deceivingly small cave-type room. You wait in this room until the table is ready, at which point the hostess ushers you into an elevator leading to the lower “trenches.” The elevator opens up to a similar cave-esque room, where you encounter your first Ninja.

This Ninja escorts you through the secret passage way, which is a dark path ending in another Ninja surprise attack. The Village is a fully converted dining area that embodies the Japanese feudal days the Ninja’s lived in. The tables are in individual huts with sake-style decor…or as  my Dad called them, slave holding cells. 


The ninja’s seat you in the personal hut and take your order, all while remaining in their Hanzo-sword wielding character. Throughout dinner, you can hear Ninja’s yelling and karate chopping other guests. We ordered pre-fixed meals, which came with a pretty elaborate fire presentation. The food was surprisingly good. photo1We started with: sushi, tuna salad and smoked salmon, followed by Teriyaki Chicken, Grilled Lamb-chops, and BBQ Baby Back Ribs.

Ninja is a great place to bring a date, friends or visitors.  The Ninja performances and village design provide a relaxing ambiance and easy talking points. I personally love these type of “full experience” places and recommend going!

Below is a pic of  our table and our lovely Ninjas.


(212) 274-8500

25 Hudson Street, NY NY, 10013


4 Stars 

…Ninja dessert….


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