Warrior Bootcamp

On August 1, 2012 by Lauren Biegler

I don’t think I could get more random if I tried. This #livingthelist activity was my second photography gig, which randomly fell into my lap when I visited The East River Pavilion on July 18th.  I was cruising around the park admiring the dogs and snapping pics for my blog, when I was approached by a personal trainer who conducts his classes at the park. His name is James M. Lee, and he is the head trainer at G5 Performance Fitness & Nutrition Coaching. 

James approached me just as I was leaving the park and asked me if I took pictures. I replied, “Sort of. Only for myself but I would not say no to money.” So James asked me to come back in two weeks to take photos of his workout group to use on his new website. Sure, why not.

Yesterday, I went back to the East River Pavilion and met James at his 7:30 Warrior Bootcamp class. He instructs this class at the Pavilion every Tuesday as a conditioning circuit for athletes in the area. James explained to me that most of the group’s members are ex-military members, like himself, so they are used to a strict and intense workout regiment. This particular class is training for a obstacle course challenge for ex-military pats, similar to the Tough-Mudder.

The class was amazing, and I enjoyed shooting the event because it captured an effective use of working out outdoors in NYC. The East River Pavilion is an ideal location for the class because of the exposed railing, benches and open spaces. Turns out I doubly benefit from shooting Jame’s class because he is going to offer me free training AND I am registered for the New Jersey Tough-Mudder as a part of my list.  So there you go, two birds one stone: free training, another check on my list. 

Hopefully the next time I post about Warrior Bootcamp, it will be me finishing it – not snapping pics of it. Huzzah! 

Warrior Bootcamp 

James M. Lee: G5 Head Trainer 

(347) 781.7403



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