THREEsatisfaction & Shabazz Palace

On July 25, 2012 by Lauren Biegler

Yesterday’s events were a bit surprising, but definitely ‘list-worthy.’ My frist PAID photography gig for Little Village, Iowa City’s News & Culture Magazine! The event I was shooting was a free concert at Fort Green Park, in Brooklyn, for THREESatisfaction & SHABAZZ PALACES.

I found out about this gig from an email at work saying “photographer needed” and responded saying I was interested. I was a little worried about sounding like a rookie when I talked to the editors over at Little Village, but they were really laid-back about protocol. The instructions they provided went something like: “oh, hey! So stoked you are interested. This should be super chill, just go online and look at the band and then buy your ticket to the concert and go there and take some pictures. You can DropBox the pictures into my account and I will mail you a check for $30. ($20 for the pictures, and $10 for my transportation to the show).” 

OH..okay. So let me get this straight. A. I have to PAY for my ticket, B. Look up and find who the band is and where they are playing C. You will MAIL me a check? and…D. My check of $30? But who I am to say no to an opportunity…

I took the B Train out to DeKalb station, one of the first stops in Brooklyn, and was able to follow the bass to the venue location. In true Brooklyn fashion, the concert had some of the coolest looking people in New York. Everyone was decorated in tattoo’s, dreadlocks, vintage clothes, jewelry, scarfs, head-wraps, and were all with other awesome people, talking about current events, art, music and taking pictures of beautiful things. I instantly felt out of place, as I myself am not very cool…but I tried hard to blend in. I don’t think it worked. Not only did my boring blonde hair and black clothes fall short, I happened to be one of the whitest people in the crowd…trying to get as close as I could to the stage and take a worthy picture. At first I thought maybe, just maybe I would fit in, until a homeless man who was dancing topless to the music, stopped, pointed at me…and said, “what you doing up there snowflake?” Oh, classic! “Ummmmm…nothing?” 

It turned out to be a good thing that the homeless rave dancer called attention to me, because a group of women told him to lay off and invited me to sit with them. Aside from the music, this was the highlight of my experience. It was so relaxing to spend time with people who were pursuing things they loved in life. Not to say a corporate job is bad in any way, but these women had no fear about money, career or standards, because so much of their fulfillment comes from their environment, the people around them and the creativity in their craft. I spent most of the show with them and got some insight into living in Brooklyn, the background on the music and the types of events at Fort Green Park.

Fort Green Park puts on shows almost every night during the summer, and a lot of them are free! The links and more information is below if you are interested. I just love how on a Wednesday night in any given part of New York City there is always a free concert or festival, or something bringing people to together. I would advise those of you who have not ventured into the Brooklyn arts & music scene to do so. It is something I intend to do much more.

Fort Green Park:


Lead singers are: Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White. The girls met about five years ago, when studying at the University of Washington in Seattle. They started their career in music as a hobby, but around their senior year they began to play with computer software and mix their music in Garage Band. Their first record was released under the label, Sub Pop, also home to the hip-hop collective Shabazz Palaces (below) lead by Ismael Butler.  Today, THREESatisfaction is killing it, traveling and preforming all across the US. Most recently, they were named “one to watch” at this years South By Southwest music festival.  


SHABAZZ PALACE is a Seattle based hip-hop collective, lead by Ismael Butler, aka ‘Palaceer Lazaro,’ The group self-released two EPs before becoming the first hip-hop act to be signed to Sub Pop label. After being signed they produced their debut full-length album, BlackUp, in 2011. The music is described as ‘heady, atmospheric, hip-hop’ and they are preforming across the country this year. 



The Pics and Mag are IN!!




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    Love you pictures are beautiful and it sounds like a super cool event. I’m very proud!

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