On July 11, 2012 by Lauren Biegler

Tacombi was not originally on my list, but after checking it out it is a definite must. The restaurant is located in a garage-type venue in the East Village. Inside, there is a VW van converted into a taco stand. There is a seating area and an open bar area, so you can sit and be waited on, or order at the bar and walk around checking out the authentic art on the walls. Tacombi also doubles as a market, selling spices, Mexican clothes and hand sewn bags. 

Tacombi has a laid back, beach vibe, which provides a nice urban escape. We ate: Beef Barbacoa Tacos, Crispy Ensenada Fish Tacos, and Beef Picadillo Tacos. We drank: ice cold Michelada.



265 Elizabeth Street, NY NY 10012


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  • Leigh

    Love the blog Lauren. Looks and sounds as if you really are living the list. Good for you. Enjoying everyday is so important and you will never regret it.

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